Have you ever felt like you needed a vacation after your vacation? It's hard to find the middle ground between experiencing it all and balancing it all, especially when the days are filled with indulgences and the itineraries are filled with unforgettable moments. If you could use a true break, we recommend a retreat centered wholly around relaxing, rejuvenating, and unplugging- and today's luxury wellness retreats are much, much more than spas. They are comprehensive wellness, fitness, and nutrition experiences where you can truly renew yourself and gather the tools and knowledge you need to make lasting life changes in a welcoming environment. You'll leave with an individually tailored action plan for improving your health and even your future travels- a souvenir that we hope lasts a lifetime. Scroll down to get inspired by a few of our favorite LGBTQ welcoming, wellness resorts, and reach out to access our VIP perks and travel expertise.

CANYON RANCH - Lenox, MA & Tucson, AZ

Canyon Ranch, considered the country's top wellness destination by Forbes magazine, created the luxury health spa category in 1979 in Tucson, Arizona and opened a second in Lenox, Massachusetts. Their vision for each guest is simple: to become stronger, healthier, and truly well. You are pushed outside your comfort zone to explore new ways of moving and nourishing your body. Activities go beyond spa treatments and fitness classes to include life management classes (addressing stress, sleep, recovery, etc.) and specialties like metaphysical consultations for greater self-awareness. The real discovery is in finding out what you want to get out of your experience, and rest assured, it can be as transformative as you want it to be.
Private Perks: Upgrade on arrival, one complimentary class, complimentary Wi-Fi, resort credit, etc.


Your experience at this Tucson, Arizona zen escape focuses on improving your life through balance, resetting your focus on the "here and now," and facing the challenge to awaken your best self. (And, of course, all the pampering and relaxation you need). All packages include luxury accommodations, gourmet meals, an unlimited smoothie bar and freshly prepared snacks throughout the day. There are over 120 complimentary wellness activities, lectures and fitness classes weekly as well as three pools and 24 hour access to a newly renovated Body Mindfulness Fitness Center.
Private Perks: Upgrade on arrival, daily breakfast, $100 resort credit, complimentary WiFi, Miraval Journal, and more.


Warning: This is not your typical spa or resort vacation. The specialized programs at The Ranch focus on meeting fitness, nutritional, weight loss and detox goals. With a return rate of nearly 45%, mindful guests trust the expert staff to provide a memorable experience with both mental and physical rewards. The Ranch offers three acclaimed results-oriented, fitness and wellness programs, each designed to recalibrate the mind and body through an intense fitness and wellness regimen paired with a highly structured plant-based nutritional diet. Each day includes 8 hours of exercise including daily hikes, core and ab workouts, body toning and sculpting, weights, yoga sessions, nap time and deep tissue massage. The rigorous daily program is complemented by a nutritionally-dense, plant-based diet to sustain guests during their stay. Following the invigorating daily schedule, you'll retreat to a private, rustic cottage with reclaimed wood floors, limestone bathrooms and neutral linens... all meant to add a calming ambience for your transformation.
Private Perks: Upgrade on arrival, daily breakfast, 50-minute massage or treatment, complimentary Wi-Fi, etc.

GOLDEN DOOR - San Marcos, CA

Nestled in a quiet, mountainous region of San Diego, California, The Golden Door has long been a favorite rejuvenation oasis for the elite, with iconic guests like Elizabeth Taylor, Grace Kelly, and as of recent, Julia Roberts. The property is one of the world's most perfected Japanese-inspired wellness retreats, with transformative energy that has been scientifically proven (and in fact, the reason for each labyrinth location). Executive Chef Greg Frey Jr.'s gourmet cuisine is heavily based on fresh, colorful farm-to-table goodness that you may have the treat of enjoying on a 1200 year old table right next to the farm. As you witness the a variety of authentic, historic screens and sculptures on display at every turn, it will come as no surprise that the resort is home to the largest collection of Japanese art outside of Japan. While the resort is unforgettable, perhaps the most memorable takeaway will be the priceless health education, from fitness and cooking techniques to self care and mindfulness practices.
Private Perks: Daily breakfast (personalized by dietary requirements), three months of fitness follow up with your personal trainer (either by phone or email), $100 spa credit, complimentary Wi-Fi, etc.