Enjoy a Beautiful South African Christmas in the Sun


Jumping into a swimming pool and eating ice cream on a hot summer Christmas day does not sound common to many in the world, however for all of us that grew up in the Southern hemisphere, this was an annual occurrence. Unwrapping Christmas presents in bathing suits outside on the patio, and having an ice cold drink was something to look forward to. Playing tag outside, running around barefoot and feeling the grass between your toes and at the end of the day coming in and all sitting around the television watching a Christmas movie based in the northern hemisphere where everyone is bundled up, drinking hot chocolate and walking around in the snow. Watching that made us feel like we had the best of both worlds, because we got to pretend for the two hours that the movie played that we too were in the freezing snow, enjoying a white Christmas, however for us at the end of the day a white Christmas was the warm beach sand.

From ours to yours... Wishing you a Happy Holiday!